September 5, 2004

Blues Revue Magazine


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Blues Revue Magazine, Salem, WV September 5, 2004

Review of Alonzo’s Picnic- American Legion Post, Baltimore

On this day when the weather would cyclically bluster to the verge of a downpour before succumbing to sunshine, no one at the picnic seemed more aglow than opening act Deb Callahan and her well rehearsed band (electric bassist Gary Lee, guitarist Allen James and drummer Doug Masters).  The Philadelphia singer’s 90 minute set showcased her songwriting (“Burning Bridges”, “Something Bad” and the flirtatious “If your Man Messes Up”) as well as her command of an eclectic catalogue embracing Willie Dixon (Spoonful), Ben Harper (Homeless Child) and Ray Charles (What’d I say).  Callahan sways, struts and preens, setting herself apart from other female blues artists in that she’s a front woman period.  No guitar to cling to – just a microphone to stitch together the song and her audience.  But with her dynamic voice, sassy sense of showmanship and winsome smile highlighting a peaches and cream complexion, she certainly doesn’t want for tools.



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