May 1, 2002

At The Shore: Press of Atlantic City


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At The Shore:Press of Atlantic City – Sounding Board

May 2002

“If The Blues had Wings” CD Review

Callahan has a throaty, wounded voice that’s perfect for singing the blues and soul.   The Delaware artist puts it to good use on the 14 tracks of her debut disc.

Whether she’s singing about moving on with life on “Burning Bridges” or being playfully naughty on “Coffee Grind”, Callahan’s got a handle on the music and uses her voice like and instrument to add punch to the lyrics.

Callahan helped write 10 of the discs tracks and covers Bob Dylan’s “Positively 4 th Street, But she concentrates strictly on the vocals here, leaving it up to guitarists Billy Baltera ad Allen James to fill the songs with traditional blues riffs that serve as a good accompaniment to the aching longing she brings to the lyrics.

Callahan’s been playing around our area for about five years.   She’s apparently learned a lot in that time, producing a record filled with confidence and competence unusual in an independent label debut disc.   – Steve Cronin

(Deb Callahan plays 10pm Friday May 24 at Cabana’s, 429 Beach Drive, Cape May.)

Rating: three stars





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