September 23, 2015



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Belgium, Sept 2015 | Reviewer: Freddie Vanderpelten

After the release of her album ‘Tell It Like It Is’ Philadelphia’s Deb Callahan decided it was time to give in to her biological clock. Now, almost five years later, she’s found the time to dive back into the studio. The education of her son comes first we came to understand but nearly five years later, she has picked up the thread again, and we can only applaud.

If this renowned singer-songwriter Deb Callahan has nothing more to prove, especially with already six albums to her credit. Along with Allen James and Chris Arms she wrote for this new ‘Sweet Soul’ eight of the 13 tracks and other tracks were carefully selected. So we get with ‘Way Down In The Hole’ is one of Tom Waits and the arrangement of Deb Callahan now can not be compared with the performance of Mr.Waits. Together with her band she brings here an excellent version in which blues and jazz are the main ingredients.

Deb Callahan beyond the blues certainly idolized soul can be heard immediately clear when she sings ‘Big Love’. A number that the hands of the keyboards and backing vocals a special groove with it inherits makes it perfect soul tinted. With “I Keep This Running ‘this lady then draws back the card of pure blues all her powerful voice remains a very ‘black’ sound. For the recording of this “Sweet Soul” she headed to ‘Ultra Tone Studios in LA where drummer Tony Braunagel took on the production of the album. The album has become a powerful and renewed acquaintance with Deb Callahan, with strong new songs where blues and soul were brought together in perfect harmony. For me, this album certainly has additional value input from keyboards and gives the song ‘Seven States Away’ a nice beat with it. A very cheerful album about love and family which two themes Deb Callahan is wearing paramount.

This album is available from September 1, and will not let you slip away therefore the joy of these Deb Callahan and her band …