December 1, 2005

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December 2005

The Blue Pearl – CD Review

When Deb Callahan 2 years ago dropped her debut album “If The Blues Had Wings” in our p.o. box, we were rather impressed with her voice and her songs. It was not bad for a debut and we were pretty anxious about what the next release would bring us. What is immediately obvious is that Deb and her band apparently have done a lot of shows the recent years: they sound very tight and flexible. Deb’s voice has moved on more in the direction of Bonnie Raitt and the album presents a broad spectrum of styles: from the  New Orleans funk and blues in the title track, across the more poppy approach in Land Of Promise, across the John Lee Hooker-boogie in Livin’ Loud to the East Coast blues in Fat Cat or through a beautiful slide driven country blues of Credit Card Blues. You can not call this earthshattering but in times of scarcity one should appreciate the basic necessities which can enhance the quality of live. You better listen to the new Deb Callahan: here you here listen a lady who can sing , accompanied by guys who can play. The creme de la creme of the Philly scène gives acte de présence: Allen James on guitar, Gary Lee on bass and Doug Master on drums. Sometimes a man has to go for lesser gods to his local record store!   – (DH)