May 1, 2005

Hittin’ the Note Magazine


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Hittin’ the Note Magazine,   Atlanta, GA

May 2005

Compact Dreams – If The Blues Had Wings – CD Review

This one is about two singers with sandpaper-laced, soulful pipes, each displaying huge promise.  Philadelphia’s Deb Callahan is a social worker who grew up with adopted black siblings, so the genuineness and emotional depth apparent in her songs come as no great surprise.  Her 2001 debut “If the Blues Had Wings” is a striking endeavor.  An excerpt from Memphis Minnie’s “Moanin the Blues” – one of a few well placed ancient blues snippets – gives the album it’s title and opens it up, leading into Mama’s Curse, Mamas Blessing’, an eerie blues that lets loose spirits directly from the mud of the delta.  “More Love” is dramatic, the piano and washes of organ giving it a churchy feel.  “Burning Bridges”, meanwhile is a catchy root-rocking tune that invites comparisons to pianist and Kansas City native Kelly Hunt.  Deb Callahan is currently in the midst of recording her second, watch for it.  Both of the ladies are poised to make a splash.  Tom Clarke