May 1, 2006

Hittin’ The Note Magazin


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Hittin’ The Note Magazine, Atlanta, GA

May 2006

Compact Dreams Issue #49

The Blue Pearl – CD Review

Philadelphia singer Deb Callahan is well on her way towards establishing herself as a big name in the biz.   The Blue Pearl , only her second album, is outstanding in every regard.   The strong, stylistically diverse material, all rooted in one form of the blues or another, is teeming with zest.   With her prickly pipes, Callahan conveys warmth just as convincingly as bite–sometimes in the same song.   In the country soul of “Demons” she offers resolute defiance and hope in the face of depression.   “Fat Cat,” set to a guitar-driven, Gulf Coast groove, indicts every last self-centered jerk.   “Never Fly” is an exquisitely soulful love song full of longing, regret, and strength.   Each tune seems tailor-made to set up the next.   An ass-shakin’ romp on The Butterfield Blues Band’s “Lovin’ Cup” provides a perfect ending to this flawlessly produced CD.   – Tom Clarke