Garry Lee

Garry LeeBass Guitar, Vocals

Over the past 25 years bassist Garry Lee has been a vital part of the Philadelphia music scene. He has performed with some of the most notable bands in the Philadelphia area. He was nominated by the WMMR-sponsored Street Beat Music Awards as Player of the Year for his work with The Daves. He also has a long history of playing with Deb Callahan Band guitarist Allen James; they were bandmates in the Rhythm Cats Revue and later June Rich, both of which Garry was instrumental in forming. June Rich became the hottest band in Philly in the mid-‘90s and a staple on the national music festival circuit. Garry has also been a much sought-after sideman and has performed with Richard Bush and the Lion Choir, Joseph Parsons, Ben Arnold, Parrish Blue, jazz harpist Gloria Galante, and many other Philly area notables. His discography includes the 2006 release of Six Degrees of Garry Lee, a compilation of songs that he’s played on over the years, which includes studio and previously unreleased live tracks from Avila, The Daves, June Rich, the Deb Callahan Band, and others. He has also contributed to the albums of the Deb Callahan Band, The Charlie Crystle Band, Ben Arnold, Joseph Parsons, and more, as well as albums by his own bands June Rich and Avila. One of Garry’s goals is to record a solo bass album.